This Red Planet, my 2022 book, was originally intended as a look into the issues of being a modern-day Liverpool fan in various parts of the world, and at various ages – the joys but also the increasing madness (and general diminishing mental health) in the era of social media and hot-takes – with some of the 2021/22 season mixed in. But the season somewhat overtook the book, as it were, and became so all-consuming that a lot of those ideas had to be diluted.

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As such, before even finishing the book, the aim was to do the ideas justice online at a later date, and expand on them indefinitely, without a deadline.

I'd spoken with TTT stalwart Daniel Rhodes frequently about the issues I wanted to cover, and so we've set up this Substack, as part of The Tomkins Times' different areas of focus.

Debate and discussion will be allowed on areas of this Substack, but most of the conversation on the TTT Network will take place on the Main Hub:

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Expanding on themes from Paul Tomkins' book of the same name about Liverpool FC and the club's global and varied fanbase, and the need for different types of communities within football, including for our mental wellbeing and to find joy in football.


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